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Dear Industry Professionals,

You may have noticed additional Application Folders with no Application Forms under SCDF, NParks & LTA in CORENET 2.0 ESPro.

Please note that these folders are added to allow the QP to send correspondence (CR) for submissions made on or before 18 August 2022 in CORENET 1.0 under these Application Folders.

Please note that QP should not use these Application Folders to submit for new submissions (ES) in CORENET 2.0 ESPro.

Agency Application Folder Name

We are pleased to inform the industry that CORENET 2.0 is live now. Any new submissions and access to past and ongoing projects will now be done in CORENET 2.0 ESPro and Portal.

CORENET 2.0 is a major technology refresh of the CORENET eSubmission system and seeks to improve the current user experience. It is part of our Long-Term plan to transform the regulatory approval process and will serve the industry prior to the implementation of CORENET X.


CORENET 2.0 is currently experiencing high traffic, hence u may encounter slowness when accessing CORENET 2.0 portal or ESPro.

Please bear with us while we are trying to resolve it as soon as possible and we will provide the updates here shortly.

New CORENET 2.0 e-Submission System 

The key enhancements in new CORENET 2.0 ( include: 

    (a) Refreshed look and feel for a more intuitive user experience 
    (b) Convenient and secured login process 
    (c) Inclusion of assistant(s) to assist his/her Qualified Person in preparation of submission
    (d) Project dashboard and enhanced search function 
    (e) Enhanced data quality via automated validation of submission inputs in forms 
    (f) Improved tracking and coordination of applications and correspondences

New Login Mechanism and Onboarding for Existing CORENET Users 

CORENET 2.0 will onboard Singpass login mechanism. Users accessing CORENET 2.0 and representing their companies should login as a business user, while users accessing in their individual capacity can login as an individual.

If there is an intent for you and your colleagues to access CORENET 2.0 as Singpass Business users, please ensure your company Corppass administrator has added you and your colleagues, whoever should be accessing CORENET 2.0, via the Corppass portal. If you are planning to access CORENET 2.0 using Singpass Individual, no action is required.

For more information on how a Corppass admin can onboard CORENET 2.0 as Singpass Business users and assigning the CORENET 2.0 digital services to the Singpass Business users, please refer to the Corppass user guides.

Installation of CORENET 2.0 Softwares

To ensure a smooth transition, users may install CORENET 2.0 softwares in advance. Following are the softwares required for CORENET 2.0:  

    (a) ESPro v1.6.3  (Note: This is required only for submission via the ESPro and is not applicable for submission via the CORENET 2.0 Portal)
    (b) Form Viewer v4.1.5 
    (c) Netrust Digital Signer v4.1.1

The installer package can be downloaded from CN2 Resource Hub.
For your convenience, all softwares required for CORENET 2.0 is packaged into a single installer. 

*Note: If you are installing the CORENET 2.0 softwares in the same PC which is currently installed with the current CORENET softwares, do install the Netrust Digital Signer v4.1.1 from 18 August 2022 onwards as the new Netrust Digital Signer v4.1.1 is not able to co-exist with the current Netrust Digital Signer v3.3 used for the current CORENET.

Following are the recommended system requirements to run ESPro. 

    (a) Intel i5, 10th Generation processor
    (b) Minimum 8 GB RAM
    (c) Minimum 512 GB Hard disk capacity 
    (d) Minimum 300 Kbps Network speed 
    (e) Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Operating System 
    (f) Netrust NDS USB-Type Token 

For more information on CORENET 2.0 system and its functions, please refer to FAQs and User Guides.

CORENET2.0 Webinar Slides Initial (version 1.1)      

CORENET2.0 Webinar Slides Updates (version 1.0)

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